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About Me

          Growing up I used to write all kinds of things, from short stories, to lyrics, but as I got further in school, my love for reading fizzled out. 
It was only when I left University and begun working in a bookstore in my hometown that my love for reading was rekindled. A customer at the time introducing me to the Paranormal Romance genre. 
It didn't take me long to realise this was the genre for me, falling in love with it right away and reading through entire series in little more than a week. 
          When the stories came to an end, or I struggled to find that particular one I was looking for, I decided I would write my own. 
         It begun as a long process of drafts and editing, but eventually I got there with the help and support of friends and family, and a strong community of authors on a certain Facebook group. 
          Now that I've begun on this path, I never want it to end. I love sharing my stories with others, hoping that they enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. 
          My motivation comes from all those people who have helped support me over the years. Without their help and guidance, I'm not sure I would ever have made it this far. But before that, before I began on this journey, it is those authors who rekindled my love of reading who motivated me to give it a shot myself. One particular author who always found the time to respond kindly, sharing an online community website that would help me get the feedback on my writing that I desperately needed at the time. 

More About Me...

          When I'm not writing, or working a day job, you will catch me reading, watching shows on Netflix, or enjoying some family time with my husband and daughter. 

I love to draw and design pieces that I also sell on my personal Redbubble page. 


I enjoying playing games with family and friends, from online pc games, to classic board games. 


          Thank you for enjoying my books, and if there is anything you wish to know about myself or my journey, I would love to hear from you. 

Like the author who gave me the courage and the push down my own path, I hope than maybe one day I can do the same for someone else.  

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