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A Song of Sea and Shore by Katherine Macdonald Review

Where to begin with this one....

Though I enjoyed The Little Mermaid's original tale, it was never one of my favourites.

How Katherine has written the story, however, that has changed!

I adore so much of this book that it has easily become one of my favourite tales by her.

The characters are wonderful and in-depth. Magical, and yet relatable.

Where the original tale was lacking, Katherine has filled those gaps with new friendships, loveable characters, and sympathetic villains.

There were even a few hidden characters in there, cameo's from Katerine's previous works. I all but squealed when I read one of the character names, delighted to see their appearance in this book.

I think Hans was one of my favourite characters in the tale as well as Sven. Hans is lovely, charming and caring. His dialogue was enjoyable and funny, as well as having sweet moments.

Sven on the other hand was more of a grumpy character, but equally as loveable. He's wary but warms to Neri gradually and some of his lines made me adore him.

Even though Neri was unable to speak throughout the book, as with the original, the story was not lacking for it.

She soon learned to overcome some of the difficulties that came without having a voice and learned how to communicate without it, something so different and brilliantly well done.

There may not have been some of the usual banter that Katherine uses in her book in this story, but the story is just as rich as all her other works and full of longing and romance throughout.

'Kai slipped a note in front of me.

Neri is very pretty.

My cheeks pricked, and I smiled. I wrote another sentence on my board and tilted it towards him.

Kai is very pretty too.

Kai snorted.'

'Noise for Neri. A drumbeat for her. A deep, endless cacophony of sound that vanquished all rhyme and rhythm.'

There was also some referencing to the Disney version of the tale which I loved to see and brought a smile to my lips when I read them.

'I wanted to be where the people were'

'"Communication's overrated!" Hans insisted. "If you like her so much, you should just kiss the girl!"'

Overall, this book swept me away. I didn't want to put it down, even though at times I was forced to. It was a brilliant read that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone, filled with Katherine's usual longing romance, amusement, and some sadness as well. A clear 5

star read!!

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I'll leave with this section of the book that was one of my favourite scenes **POSSIBLE SPOILER**








'"I forgot you."

"You remembered me, too." Against all logic, against a spell so powerful it encapsulated a kingdom. You came back to me.'