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Kingdom of Thorns by Katherine Macdonald Review

After reading The Rose and the Thorn by the same author, I knew to expect good things from this book, and I was certainly not disappointed.

It was an incredible read, filled with witty banter and humour, as well as some darkness that brought tears to your eyes. “Well, if it helps, these ones aren't little.”

“That doesn't help! That is the opposite of


The descriptions and world building were immense and full of so much beautiful detail that really made you feel like you were in the world with the characters.

Stepping into the forest was like stepping into

the shadow of a mountain. A cold darkness

hit him like the force of a boulder. Light was

sucked away, only slight, sharp tendrils of it

slithering through the gaps in the treetops far

above. Dawn vanished in an instant.

Each character was wonderfully written with a strong backstory that helped you understand their goals and motivations throughout the story. All of their personalities shining through making it clear who was speaking at any given time.

And though this story is a retelling of the orignal Sleeping Beauty tale, I feel that Katherine Macdonald made it her own.

Yes you can tell the core story is the same, but it was by no means predicable. Katerine was able to remain true to the original tale whilst deviating enough to make this world unique. Filling it with wonder, magic, and an array of fearsome or sometimes beautiful creatures, all meant to test the hero's.

I thought this book was fantastic and cannot praise it enough for the wonderful story telling and Katerine's excellent writing.

Another book by this talented author that has made it to my favourites with a prized place on my shelves.

I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who loves fairytales and anything magical. I don't think you'll be disappointed in the slightest. Grab your copy here :- UK LINK


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