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Review of Archangel by Misa Buckley

This book was part of a review portal I decided to join, and I have to say I was blown away by this one! The story was short and sweet but didn't skimp at all when it came to detail or action.

I adored the characters Abigail and Gabriel, as well as the Angel Jophiel and Charlie. Gabriel's past haunted him and shaped him. He was a great lead and it was easy to understand his motivations. His change in character as the story progressed suited him perfectly.

Abigail was strong-willed and fiery, and wonderful to read. I only wish I knew a little more about her, and her past as it touches on it, but never explains what happened to her.

Before reading this book, it had been a while since I was so hooked by a book and able to finish it in one sitting, hanging on to every word eager to see what happened next. It was truly a gripping read. I highly recommend this story to any romance reader!

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