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Review of Embers of Fate by Michele Quirke

** I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **

I was asked by Michele to review this book as somebody who hasn't read the first book to answer her question on whether the story works on its own, and I can honestly say yes, it does.

There weren't any points in the book where I felt confused by what was happening. Michele was able to explain everything that happened clear enough without info-dumping what had transpired in the previous book.

The book starts following Greg and Elizabeth a short while after the events of the 1st book 'FIRES OF TREASON'. Shortly after, Elizabeth meets Matt, a pagan, hated by most.

I found all the relationships between the characters realistic and organic, but I especially enjoyed the romance between Matt and Elizabeth. I do love a slow burn and this was paced just right. It was great to see how Elizabeth's character grew throughout, and how she fell for the boy she was meant to avoid.

Overall I think the story was wonderfully written, well-paced and action-packed. I didn't feel like there were any lulls in the story and was always eager to keep reading (even when I needed to sleep xD). The world-building was just superb and well thought out.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction and slow-burn romance.