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Review of The Beast's Ball by Eva Devon

I've not read any books by Eva Devon before, but after reading this one I know I shall read more!

I loved her writing style and the wonderful story that unfolded.

A quick and fast-paced read that didn't neglect the details or the interaction between the characters.

I loved how Callum and Rosalind respected one another and saw past each others 'flaws' and differences, understanding one another and talking things out rather than just bottling everything up.

The book is essentially a Beauty and the Beast retelling (which is one of my favourites). Callum is scarred from the war, burnt saving the women and children in Spain, and Rosalind is an orphan left to live with her aunt and uncle, and cousin. She loves her cousin and they have a lovely relationship, but her relations with her aunt and uncle are strained. They do the bare minimum for her. She likes to read and longs to write her own stories. Callum offers her the freedom to follow her dreams if she'll give him the heirs he needs. Neither expects to fall for the other.

A beautiful story unfolds. I loved their personalities and the chemistry.

I couldn't put this book down and finished it in a day.

Definitely recommend it to Historical romance and Beauty and the Beast retelling fans.



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