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Review of The Magic Collector by Chesney Infalt

I had the honour of beta-reading this book.

I have now read a few of Chesney's books and have adored them all, but this book is my favourite!

From the very first page, it drew me in. I loved the relationship between Sebastien and Aveline, as well as those of the side characters Maud and Leo, and even Meredith. Together they made such a wonderful and odd little found family. Maud was protective but sweet. Leo so full of life and wonder. Meredith is a little harsh and strict at first, but as the story progresses you understand her better.

The story is jam-packed with magic, tension, and threat and a dash of romance. Sebastien is just so sweet, loving and endearing.

A wonderfully written slow-burn romance that is perfect for any fantasy romance fan.



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